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Did you know we're looking for our next worship leader?  Know somebody will musical skill, a Kingdom mindset, and inter-cultural experience?  Find the job description on the bottom of our Staff Page


Sunday School Class at New Hope Church 500


The New Hope mission is to bring a diverse community into a growing relationship with God and one another.

What is the Bible?

Take a walk-through of the Bible with Pastor Dan as he uses a visual mural from inside the church walls.

From Pastor Dan's Blog

3D colorful puzzle pieces isolated on white background. Concept teamwork.

Four Levels of Anti-Racism

If you’re coming into this post without having read the previous post, stop right there, buster.  Read “four level of...
3D colorful puzzle pieces isolated on white background. Concept teamwork.

Four Levels of Racism

The longer I work in multi-ethnic ministry settings, the more I wish I would have taught sooner and more insistently...
Blog post 15 - Japanese Full Gospel Church of Banff

An Uncountable Multitude, Counting by Ones

The elderly woman sat across the squared tables from me, eating her rice and dried seaweed.  She was the oldest...
Rev 7 image

Revelation 7’s “every nation” as window dressing or meaningful detail?

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is the worship scene in Revelation 7:9-17.  It’s a big party and...


Many times in life we face hard times that seem overwhelming and need someone to help guide us to move forward according to God's principles. 

Free Dental Exam + Teeth Cleaning =

Free Smiles!

New Hope Church Dental, a community ministry that provides free exam and teeth cleanings for Lansing Residents.

Latest Sermon

To Follow the Light

Jesus states that He is the “light of the world.” The metaphor seems clear at first, but it could refer to so many different Biblical ideas that it can be easy to lose sight of what Jesus is trying to communicate about Himself. But His words in the temple collection area can guide us back to illumination. Only in His light do we see light.