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New Hope Church Service will have safety and sanitary procedures in place, as well as limits on seating and attendance.  Masks will be required.  To hear a replay of our service please visit the sermon audio page or click below.


New Hope Church Service September 20, 2020


Are We There Yet?

Daniel 12



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The pandemic has become a slow slog and we’re tired. We keep hoping it will be over or get better and we wonder when. It’s high stress and low ability to do anything about it. In such situations, it can help to get a heaven’s eye view on history and remember that whatever we don’t know about the future, God has given us to know enough, and what He has given reminds us how to live in whatever present moment.


To bring a diverse community into a growing relationship with God and one another.

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The New Hope mission is to bring a diverse community into a growing relationship with God and one another.

What is the Bible?

Take a walk-through of the Bible with Pastor Dan as he uses a visual mural from inside the church walls.

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Many times in life we face hard times that seem overwhelming and need someone to help guide us to move forward according to God's principles. 

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