New Hope church will now be online until further notice due to the given daily case rates in Illinois.

The service will still be broadcast on 94.1 FM and streamed on the website.  If you have trouble accessing worship on the website, open the video in YouTube instead.

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Our Work and God's Will for Inner Peace Philippians 4:4-9

There are some blessings that come part-and-parcel with salvation, and there are others that require us to get to work with God. Inner peace is one of the latter. It takes work for us to rejoice well, to pray honestly, and to tend our thoughts, but God is ready to work us by His promise, His peace, and His presence.




To bring a diverse community into a growing relationship with God and one another.

Sunday School Class at New Hope Church 500


The New Hope mission is to bring a diverse community into a growing relationship with God and one another.

What is the Bible?

Take a walk-through of the Bible with Pastor Dan as he uses a visual mural from inside the church walls.

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It’s Not a Roof With a Fiddler On It

As my beloved frost dampens the ragweed pollen and the days sigh up and down with light warmth, my paleo-wardrobe...
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A Parable for Discussion Over Dinner

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June 4 - parsonage TP (3)

Who has the privilege of deciding what this means?

The phone says we should stay home. A neighbor says we shouldn’t worry because he has loaded weapons. The parents...


Many times in life we face hard times that seem overwhelming and need someone to help guide us to move forward according to God's principles. 

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