New Hope Church in Lansing, IL, is seeking a Part-Time or Bi-Vocational Teaching / Care Pastor to lead our church in its next season of ministry. The right person will be equipped to help us build on our 15-year history as a multi-ethnic neighborhood church, assist in planning with our worship team, and support a vision for outreach. This person would be committed to collaborating with the Church Leadership Council, New Hope staff (secretary, janitor, and volunteer leaders), and the church body. New Hope strives to be a welcoming church that provides a safe and nurturing space for all individuals on the discipleship journey, from those wrestling with faith, young in their faith, or mature believers.

New Hope Church would be a special home for you. Located in a small community adjacent to the southern edge of Chicago in Lansing, IL, New Hope was formed as a merger of a traditional CRC congregation and a developing Puerto Rican congregation. Both shared a passion for outreach in our community and envisioned mirroring the changing demographics of Lansing. Out of that passion, we created this vision statement: To bring a diverse community into a growing relationship with God and one another.

Since the departure of our previous pastor, we have transitioned through a two-year period of reflection and self-evaluation. Recognizing our shortcomings but still wanting to live out our vision, we have intentionally chosen not to call a full-time pastor at this time. Rather, we are committing a portion of our financial resources to birthing a church plant and providing the plant with continuing monetary support. This plant will operate as a separate identity from New Hope, with a local leadership team that better reflects our neighborhood.

1. Worship Services: The Pastor will coordinate the Sunday services working with the volunteer worship leader, worship planning team and the elders. Services would be a mild contemporary style, for a multi-generational, multicultural congregation. In addition to any vacation time, at least one Sunday per quarter would be allowed as a non-preaching Sunday.

2. Discipleship: The Pastor will work with the council to relationally and systemically seek the spiritual growth of our members, provide pastoral care, integrate newcomers, and ensure that members are drawn into discipleship opportunities. Applicants must display a deep relationship with Christ and show a clear willingness to grow in their own faith and be willing to disciple others to do the same.

3. Outreach: The Pastor will be encouraged to participate in a local community organization, building connections within the community. Through discipleship, the pastor will help and equip New Hope members to increase their confidence to be witnesses of God’s love to our neighbors, co-workers, and families. The pastor will support the council and the congregation in its efforts to establish and support the church planting initiative that may or may not use our building.

1. Professing member of a Christian Reformed Church congregation, or willing to become a member of New Hope Christian Reformed Church; and able to agree with the doctrine of the church signified by signing a covenant statement.
2. Commitment to Jesus Christ and the mission of His church.
3. Evidence of exemplary Christian character and of personally practicing the spiritual disciplines.
4. Strong communication skills, both oral and written.
5. Demonstrated attributes and skills as a leader/pastor within a congregation.
6. Must have citizenship or a legal work-permit in the US.

1. Theologically trained and/or with equivalent ministry experience;
2. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and preferably a postgraduate degree in an area related to Ministry/Master of Divinity/Theology;
3. Pastoral experience of at least 3-5 years preferred.

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