Rev. Daniel Roels, Pastor

I love to learn, so it's a wonderful thing that God is more than I could ever finally learn.  Some of my other favorite learning has come through cultures and languages, where I have experienced more of how big God really is and how colorful are the ways God demonstrates His love. Other than my own culture, I am most familiar with Hispanic cultures and the Spanish language, having spent four months in Honduras and time in Mexico, Spain, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic with local families, but I always enjoy expanding my cultural and linguistic horizons in the name of Jesus. Through various such experiences, God called me to serve Him by building up multi-ethnic communities. I get to do that at New Hope Church, where we are young on the multi-ethnic path, but we see God blessing it. The Holy Spirit’s (God’s) best work in me has been done in my most difficult times, whether struggling deeply with why God allows evil in His world or wondering how to trust Him when life was in pieces. Other than living the grand adventure with Jesus, I enjoy exercise, board games, reading in science and math, languages, husbanding, and parenting.

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Alita McRae, Secretary and Bookkeeper of New Hope Church in Lansing IL

Alita McRae, Secretary & Bookkeeper

Alita is the Choir President/Minister of Music, Outreach Leader, Graphics Designer, and Praise and Worship Singer at her church: Power of Praise Non-Denominational Ministries in Chicago, IL.  She is the wife of 13 years to David L. Eagles who also serves in ministry, and mother to 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Outside of ministry she makes handmade jewelry and accessories, a hobby that has turned into a small business. She also has launched, “Write the Vizion,” a Christian based company that targets people who want to start (or have started) a business and need help with graphics, website design, social media page creation, and more. She loves helping people find their God-giving vision through Vision Board Workshops that teach the Biblical principals that help visions come true. She also loves creating things, writing, singing, playing the keyboard, cooking, couponing, and learning new things as much as possible!  She counts it all joy to serve as the secretary at New Hope Church

Henry Huitsing, Custodian

Henry has been custodian since the beginning of New Hope Church and a long time before. He recently retired from an even longer time of teaching 8th grade and physical education at Lansing Christian School. He’s been married for even longer than that. He enjoys biking, hiking, sporting activities, and going places with his wife.

Henry Huitsing Custodian of New Hope Church in Lansing IL

Worship Music Ministry Leader

We are looking for our next worship leader!  Below follows a job description and instructions for how to apply.

ROLE:  As church staff, the music ministry leader cooperates with and is under supervision of the pastor, shepherding elders, and council leaders.  As an eventual member of New Hope Church, this person is expected to maintain a Christian life, fulfill the Biblical expectations for the integrity of leaders, and respond to the admonition and guidance of the church.  Membership is strongly encouraged to demonstrate commitment to the vision and to help build community.

PURPOSE:  Through worship music, to draw people to Christ, to grow them as disciples, to focus their formal worship of God and equip them for a life lived as worship, and to coordinate their service in the formal worship ministries of New Hope Church.  Each of these elements is done with a view toward the vision (“To bring a diverse community into a growing relationship with God and each other.”) and our ministry and musical context, which is generally contemporary and currently features vocals, piano, guitar, drums, bass, and keyboard.


  • Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, plan and lead musical aspects of Sunday morning and Christian holiday worship services by choosing music in cooperation with the worship team and rehearsing with vocalists and instrumentalists weekly
  • Meet bimonthly with the pastor and others for planning
  • Communicate with and schedule worship team members, and hold 4-6 annual meetings with vocalists, instrumentalists, and audio / visual volunteers together for administrative discussion or musical training such as “jam sessions”
  • Deepen and broaden knowledge and practice of worship through leader-approved relationships, experiences, classes, and / or reading with a specific focus on advancing the multi-ethnic vision of New Hope Church. This will result in a diversification of worship music sources, styles, instruments, possibly even languages, which will teach the congregation the celebration of God’s diverse Kingdom (Revelation 7:7-9).
  • Recruit, evaluate, and train existing and new worship team members
  • Manage music files, CCLI licensing, and care of church-owned instruments
  • If possible, prepare occasional choirs and special music
  • Annual evaluation with the pastor, other leaders, and the worship teams. The worship leader is invited to give reports to the elders and / or council at least twice yearly.


  • Annual salary negotiable and based on experience for 15-18 hours per week, church holiday weeks excepted; health insurance is not offered
  • May take up to 6 unpaid services off per year (not Christmas, not Easter) as approved by the elders with 3 weeks minimum notice


  • Send cover letter, resume with at least 2 relevant references, and music sample to Pastor Dan Roels at