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Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of questions that you may have when attending a new church for the first time. Our goal is that your first visit to New Hope will be a refreshing , friendly, and enjoyable experience for you.

Here are some questions & answers about New Hope Church.

Our Sunday worship service begins at 10 a.m. We have greeters near the entrance ready to welcome you and point you in the right direction.

Our worship service begins with a dynamic and Jesus-centered worship experience of being in God’s presence and singing together. We also devote time to prayer, giving, and personal reflection. Finally, our pastor brings us clear, in-depth life-teaching from the Bible. Our worship service lasts approximately 60-70 minutes. You might notice that various non-English languages are used very briefly, and that is to honor God’s vision for multi-ethnicity and the people who are actually here, but our common language is still definitely English. You don’t have to participate if you’re not ready or don’t understand what’s happening, but we hope that we get a chance with you to explain anything you need us to.

There is no official dress code at New Hope Church. We have folks who dress casually, and others who prefer a more formal style. At New Hope Church, we are more concerned about you than we are about your appearance.

Families with children ages 0-Pre-Kindergarten may wish to arrive 10 minutes early to drop off their child at our safe, clean and highly staffed nursery, the Jungle Room, located on the lower level.

Children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade are invited to the CHILDREN IN WORSHIP classroom on the lower level after the main worship service’s opening songs. The children meet for a time of praise, prayer, offering, as well as fun and interactive Bible lessons. Parents pick up their children in the classroom at the end of the service.

For your child’s safety, all children’s workers are screened by New Hope. Our teachers and helpers are friendly and well-trained.

No. Please do not feel obligated to do anything other than be our guest. We observe the Lord’s Supper four times a year. We welcome any Christian to participate with us in the Lord’s Supper. The offering plate is an opportunity for the members of New Hope Church to express their thanks to God for His blessings.

Yes! There are various Bible studies and service groups that meet on different nights, as well as occasional events like game nights, dinners, and service in the community. Look at our calendar for upcoming events.

If you have questions about what Bible study or event would be good for you to try, it’s best to call the church and see if staff can match your spiritual situation with the right kind of group.

We invite you to stay after the service for coffee, cookies, and conversation toward the back of the church.

Come Worship with Us

We have a little something for everyone!


Everyone is welcome.

Greeters make sure everyone feels welcome at New Hope Church!

Playing Table Tennis at New Hope Church in Lansing IL

Bonding Through Fellowship

One of our game nights!
I wonder who won?


Dynamic Praise & Worship

Lively Jesus-centered worship during on Sunday mornings service.