Welcome to the New Hope Church website.  We invite you to any of our events, whether Sunday services at 10 am, or weekly Bible groups or fun nights, information for all which can be found on the website.

You are certainly welcome if you are not a Christian, if you aren’t sure if you are, or if you are sure you are.

In addition, we believe that we are called to become an increasingly ethnically diverse community as a reflection of Jesus’ love for all people.  

We hope to see you soon!

New Hope is a Loving, Friendly Church

We are an inclusive faith community where everyone is welcome!

Coloful Cross of Salvation

Inclusive Faith Community

In New Hope Church we work hard at being an inclusive faith community where people from all walks of life and races feel comfortable worshiping and working together.

Everyone is Welcome at New Hope Church in Lansing Illinois

Everyone is Welcome

That means that we intentionally include people of different cultural and socio-economic identities.

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Different Languages Spoken

There are several different languages of origin among our members.