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Christmas Eve Sunday: Salvation in the Mess

Bible Text: Matthew 1:18-25 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels What if God came to us in a perfect story? Born into a nice family who has it all together, Jesus’ birth is only cause for rejoicing and an darling gender reveal post. He becomes the prom king, then takes on the family business from his father and earns success by hard work and skill. Then, after a transcendent experience in baptism, just like how it’s usually painted, He does God’s Will… That would be a nice story, but it’s not the true one. We need the true one because if God’s rescue comes through a mess, it gives us realistic hope for what God can do with our own real messes.

Beautiful Things Out of Shame

Bible Text: Joshua 2 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels It’s one thing to learn from our mistakes or come to accept and peace that God can use our mistakes. But what about those mistakes that follow us, cling to us, and come to define us? What about those sins that root shame deep in us? Today, we’ll hear two stories of shamed women who have become part of God’s plan. The third story is up to you – will you let God’s grace redeem your shame?

Faith and Grace – (Continued)

Bible Text: Exodus 14:5-14, 16:1-4 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | Series: Exodus Series By grace we’re saved, through faith. And once we’re on the right side, does it still come down to grace and faith? Or do we handle sin only with judgment, finding it hard to forgive ourselves and others? God’s grace is still required. Or do we get angry with God when life doesn’t come together the way we want? Faith in Him is still required. That’s because getting rescued from bondage to sin is a beginning, not an arrival. There is a long journey ahead.