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Nov 10th Sermon: It Ain’t Over ‘Til …

Bible Text: Matthew 24:1-42 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | There’s a lot of ink spilled in religious circles about the subject of the end of the world. The disciples were about as eager as we are to know the details, and Jesus starts them out with what not to watch for. But then we’re in a better place to understand what’s more important: the end is in God’s hands, we can’t miss it, and it will mean renewal.

June 30th Sunday Sermon: You Can Run, But….

Bible Text: Jonah 1 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | Jonah, the reluctant prophet, knows better than to run from God, but at least then he doesn’t have to risk that the evil, abhorrent, despicable, beyond-grace Ninevites would repent. The real risk, however, is in not obeying God and presenting His Word in unsavory places. That’s a big risk for Christian communities, too. If you’re running from His calling, don’t think there won’t be a storm.

A Word in the Weariness

Bible Text: I Kings 19 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels |  Even youths grow tired and weary, so what’s your problem with recognizing your limits? Elijah the prophet is tired of being The Guy to oppose all the evil in his world, so he runs, and runs all the way to God, who never meets anyone without also giving them something to do.

Sunday Sermon: Glorious Anticipation

Bible Text: Colossians 3:1-17 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | Christians, and human beings, give a lot of reasons for why living the good life matters. You feel good about doing your duty, or the social setting calls for it, or you’re trying to honor God’s gift, or maybe we just want to avoid bad consequences. But it’s rare that Jesus’ ascension is mentioned as a motive to live a good life.  Colossians 3 makes that connection and shows that Jesus in heaven is good news that can be lived right now.

Pride is the Fall-What Happens When We Hit Bottom?

Bible Text: 2 Samuel 11 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | Ah, the tale of David and Bathsheba. Sins runs rampant, pride drives a king and his subsequent cover-up, and he almost gets away with it. But his pride isn’t just before a fall that David narrowly avoids, it is the beginning of falling. And the Lord has him hit bottom in order to judge and redeem the broken pieces. What about your pride? Where is it taking you? And who will put you back together when you hit?

Mother’s Day Sermon: The Hero of the Story

Bible Text: 2 Samuel 7 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | David, finally settled as king, may want to lock it down for good with a little deity-pleasing, people-impressing temple building. But God graciously redirects David back to his place, that of a servant of the good God who promises all David dreamed and more. Sometimes we try to play hero, or play Savior, but eventually we come up against our limits, too. And then we’re ready for God to step in with a better offer.

All Grown Up? You Can Still Come Home

Bible Text: 1 Samuel 12 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | The people are partying. Their new leader, King Saul, just won his first major battle, and the plunder is good. Just then, the wet blanket known as Samuel stands up and gives them a tongue-lashing. But in the midst of the celebration, can the people, let alone the king, hear what he has to say? Or will victory, or a new era, or outright sin keep them in the noise of ego rather than listening to the voice of God?

April 28th Sunday Sermon: The Struggle to Believe

Bible Text: Luke 24:36-53 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | Doubters are in good company. The disciples, for all Jesus’ appearances and the reports of the resurrection, for even Jesus’ words before and after everything happened, still somehow couldn’t get the engine of faith to turn over. But all disciples and all doubters have to rely on being not in each other other’s company, but God’s. Nothing and no one else will do.

Palm Sunday Message – Which Day

Bible Text: Psalms 118 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | John Calvin, a theologian of the 1500s Church Reformation, considered the Psalms to contain a kind of “anatomy of the soul.” We do often read the Psalms this way, applying them to our daily lives and human situations. Yet Psalm 118, which contains a number of famous verses, including “this is the day the Lord has made,” isn’t exactly about us, nor our day. It’s about Another, and about a particular day. Or is it? Which is the day has the Lord made? When does rejoicing come from?

Turn or Burn – Luke 3:1-18

Bible Text: Luke 3:1-18 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | Sometimes we get the gut feeling it’s finally time for a change. It’s hard to know exactly how we know, but we know. It was that way for the people John baptized out in the Judean wilderness. They sensed he was a prophet, they sensed God was at work, and they heard that maybe even God was about to show up. Such moments are as good as any for repentance. The axe is at the root of the trees!