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The Creator is Still Involved Here

Bible Text: Genesis 1 - 2:4 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | This week, we’ll begin at the beginning, when God arranged the world, giving jobs to lights, calling forth life from seas and land, and inviting His world to join Him in making new things. We’re also beginning at the beginning to try to read the whole Bible, in chronological order, in 2019. Take up the challenge and see if God doesn’t do something new in you through His Word this year!

Jesus is the Apple Watch

Bible Text: John 14:1-14 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | Chances are that you’ve heard Jesus’ famous self-description that He is “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.” What does He actually mean? And it’s lovely that He says it to His disciples, who are having some separation anxiety about Jesus going away, but what about we who remain in this broken world? Is there comfort for us along The Way?

The Work of the Average Christmas

Bible Text: Luke 2:1-20 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels

From the Grave to the Cradle

Bible Text: John 11:17-44 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | Nearly on the eve of celebrating Jesus’ birth, it may seem a bit strange to hear a story overshadowed with death and illumined by promises of resurrection. Yet Jesus’ “I am” statement to Martha in the midst of grieving for Lazarus can serve as a reminder of who was born at Christmas. And it grows our understanding of what His birth meant: the newborn king, His fresh life, was the beginning of the defeat of death and decay through all creation. So let’s reflect on Jesus’ birth in the midst of a story about death and life.

Jesus is the Login for the Members

Bible Text: John 10:1-21 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | In John 10, Jesus offers one of his symbolic stories that keep us guessing about which character represents which people. There are some things that are clear: that God’s people are vulnerable sheep, or that Jesus is the one who guards them. But less clear is whether the sheep really will follow the voice of their Shepherd, and why a Shepherd would lay down His life and leave the flock undefended.

To Follow the Light

Bible Text: John 8:12-30 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | Series: da | Jesus states that He is the “light of the world.” The metaphor seems clear at first, but it could refer to so many different Biblical ideas that it can be easy to lose sight of what Jesus is trying to communicate about Himself. But His words in the temple collection area can guide us back to illumination. Only in His light do we see light.

When Leaders Fail, Faith Shouldn’t

Bible Text: Numbers 16 & | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | This summer and fall, there were new waves of allegations and scandals among church leaders. Sin among leaders is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s excusable. But what about our responses? Do we become more reactive when we’ve actually put too much trust in human leaders, even to the point of not putting enough trust in God? Numbers has a… number… of leadership crises, and in chapters 16 and 20, both Korah and Moses fail to reveal God the way they were called to. Yet God’s purpose is steady – do you trust Him?

Thanksgiving Service 11-22-18

Bible Text: Psalm 136:1-9, Psalm 103:1-8, Psalm 103:8-22 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | New Hope Church's Thanksgiving Service Thanksgiving November 22, 2018 A Service of Thanks to the Lord for His Love

Will You Trust God’s Sufficiency?

Bible Text: Numbers 11:1-23 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | In Numbers, everything has started out well, so it seems. God has made clear His intention to bless the people and form them into His people while they journey together through the wilderness. And they’re pulling up stakes and following, just as God has arranged. Everything’s great… right up until the food gets monotonous and the Moses get overwhelmed. Now it seems God isn’t enough and hasn’t provided enough. What to do? What to do? Christians fret like this, too, especially when we hit a wilderness patch of the spiritual life. But how can we be so sure that the wilderness isn’t exactly what we need to trust God a little more?

Learn to Trust by Trusting

Bible Text: Numbers 9:15-23 | Preacher: Pastor Daniel Roels | The Israelites had a long way to go to become the people of God. Well, they already were, since God had chosen them, but they had a lot to learn about what that meant. But God has plans for them in the wilderness. As they take a long journey following God, they will practice trusting their God, and one day, they’ll wake up and see that they DO trust God. How are you learning to trust God?